About Me

I am a sustainable fashion designer, educator and researcher, passionate about creating fashion futures that are resilient, creative, mindful and inclusive. 

My work challenges contemporary design and consumption systems, as I propose a design for sustainability as founded upon a connection to our inner selves, one another and to Nature. 
I have spent the past 10 years working & learning within the fashion design industry, dedicating the past 4 years to sustainability. For several years, I ran my own ethical clothing brand, in collaboration with a women’s social enterprise in India. 

I recently completed the MA Fashion Futures program at the London College of Fashion. My thesis, as supervised by Dr. Kate Fletcher, focused upon resilience for the fashion space, and how we can create thriving fashion futures that embrace change, and can thrive in these times.

For the past several years, I have been consulting fashion brands within design, manufacturing, & supply chains, and this has evolved into helping brands create sustainable practices and future strategies. I now consult businesses on creating resilient futures, through circular & responsible design strategies, ethical sourcing & manufacturing, supply chain transparency, risk mitigation, and communications. I also assist brands in uncovering their purpose and values.

I am the co-creator of Sustainability 5.0, an evolutionary upgrade of our current sustainability movement. This platform aims to move beyond the technological and material solutions apparent in the sustainability arena, focusing upon cultivating connection to our inner selves, our communities, and Mother Earth.

My own creative practice also includes translating some of these theoretical ideas into visual manifestations through illustration, garment making, embroideries, and other creative processes. 

I am currently based in Sydney, Australia.