I'm Ania!


My purpose is to inspire others to live and create more consciously, from the heart.

I aim to challenge the pre-existing design and consumption systems, and create alternative thinking, doing and making paradigms.

I am to promote paradigms of care, empathy, listening, reflection, ecological ethics, & collaboration, through design and creative practice.  


I have a BA in Fashion Design, and an MA in Fashion Futures, from the London College of Fashion. 

Prior to my MA studies I worked within the fashion industry for seven years - at Vivienne Westwood in London, managing the Florence Deschamps Showroom in Paris, and running the off-shore production for several brands in Byron Bay. 

My most memorable work, was running a small sustainable brand for a few years, where I created clothing out of recycled and low-impact materials. This led me to collaborating with a non-for-profit clothing production facility in India, that I had the honour to work with, and contribute to the financial and social empowerment of local women. 

Building upon my MA studies within sustainability, I am deeply passionate about creating a thriving life for all on this planet, and the role that creativity, design and spirituality play within this.

I'm also a maker - I used to make clothes and textiles, and now I am experimenting with digital art, as you'll notice interlaced within my posts.

I’m currently based in London.

Please do reach out and say hi!

I welcome all comments, enquiries, collaborations and commissions.

You can reach me at:


Ania xox