The Anti-Technology Manifesto is a response to week 3's challenge - 'Design a New Technology', as taught by Adam Peacock for MA Fashion Futures. 



You try to drown me in VR.
I’ll swim up to the surface of reality.

The AI in my brain festers.
But I hold on to alive brain cells.

Tether me with data, big or small.
My freedom won’t be lost.
Poison kills poison.
I use technology to slay technology.

timeline copy.jpg

The process: 


1. When human energy got corrupted with technology, a group of anti-technologists (the ones who fought back the AI cancer) turned to the animal kingdom for help.    

    Fortunately, animals, despite all the artificialities pumped into them, are still carriers of pure energy. 

2. Animal cells, ethically derived, are cultivated in a Petri dish. A catabolic process breaks down complex organic molecules, and releases bursts of energy, also called


3. The energetic language of the biophotons are written into a software, which is programmed into a material. This energetic programme works as a 'field of

    information' understandable to the human body and mind. 

4. Drape the material on a person and let it stay. In 2-3 hours, depending on the extent of the tech integration in the body and mind, the material will get absorbed and

    you will achieve an enlightened state. 




“The self-evidence of today’s widespread faith in technology is based only on the fact that people were able to believe that in technology they had found the absolutely and definitely neutral ground... In comparison to theological, metaphysical, moral, and even economic questions, which one can quarrel about forever, purely technical problems entail something refreshingly objective; they allow solutions that are clear.” 


- The Concept of the Political, Carl Schmitt, 1996.