These digital illustrations act as a visual response to research undertaken as part of the MA Fashion Futures thesis 2017. The thesis focused upon resilient design strategies for the fashion design space, to create for sustainability. 

From thorough primary and secondary research, the ’7 Properties of Creative Resilience were formed, which act as starting points for more mindful design thinking and practice. These properties: Ecological Ethics, Mindfulness, Context, Integrative Learning & Thinking, Rhythms, Adapting with Grit and Revolutionary Transformation, have manifested into the following digital illustrations.

These are completely intuitively drawn, with inspiration taken from resilient processes found within nature. 

outcome illustrations A0 to PRINT.jpg


Fashion Ecologies

Everything happens somewhere. Fashion Ecology deals with the interactions and relationships between garments, people and their environment. 

Laws of Ecology (including for clothes and their wearers):

All things are interconnected.

Everything goes somewhere.

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Nature knows best. 

Fashion Ecologies is a research project led by Dr. Kate Fletcher as part of the KRUS project, funded by the Research Council of Norway, and based at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, University of the Arts London, UK.

I was commissioned to create the below digital illustrations for the project, as part of the pocket guide and website.