Conscious Creatives

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I’m so excited as I write this introductory post for this online platform - a place where I will explore the merging of spiritual/ conscious principles with design and creativity, so that we can create from the heart and lead our most fullest lives. 

I’ve spent the past four years, studying, researching and working within sustainable fashion, and I am deeply passionate about creating in synergy with Nature.

Corporate social responsibility measures working on cleaning up our supply chains, materials and processes are so necessary, yet we need to go further than this, and reevaluate the way we think about our ‘stuff’ and why we create it in the first place. 

We must firstly look deep within ourselves, at the elements that make us intrinsically human; love, joy, connection, purpose, care, collaboration, reflection, vitality…

This is what I define as spirituality/ consciousness/ awareness - the connection to these properties that make us human. 

I believe that sustainability must derive from the heart. 


Consciousness = Sustainability.


If we can continually connect to these elements, then these will trickle into all aspects of our lives, including what we create, design and imagine.  

When we are in our alignment, when we are in our joy, we live and create from the heart.

These are the ideas I want to explore here. 

And how connecting with who we truly are as humans on this beautiful planet, can result in the creation of meaningful products and experiences that add value to our lives and allow us to live up to our highest potential. 

Developing connection to my inner self has allowed for so many incredible transformations to come forth into my life, helping me heal trauma, find my purpose, connect deeper to myself and the world around me, uncover fulfilment and joy, and gain confidence. It has also enhanced my creative imagination and practice. I look forward to sharing these practices with you.

I hope that this platform can serve as a source for further enquiry, inspiration and motivation, not just for creatives, but anyone who partakes in the act of making, producing or imagining, which is all of us.  

Some of the ideas that are rustling up within me, bursting to be explored are:

  • How can we design with nature?

  • What can we create with Soul and purpose?

  • How can mindfulness enhance our creativity?

  • Why is the intention behind what we create so important?

  • What can we learn from ancient and Indigenous spiritual practices and making processes?

  • The importance of failing, and having an error-friendliness approach to creation.

  • How to practice non-judgment and self-compassion when creating.

  • What makes one creation have ‘life’ within it, and another not?

  • How do we translate our values and beliefs into what we design and create?


I so look forward to seeing how this evolves and if it resonates at all. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on these ideas!

More very soon. 


Much love.

Ania xo