Business DNA - Purpose & Values

Your Business DNA - purpose, values, mission and vision, is the foundation to your entire enterprise. True sustainability also includes sustainability of each enterprise from within. This requires getting clear on common objectives, goals and visions for the future. 

This clarity can help with business decision-making, future-proofing your enterprise and creating a purpose-driven experience for your team.

Through various reflective and creative tools and techniques, I can help you uncover these and integrate them into your business and culture. 

This can also build into your existing company sustainability strategy, or if no sustainability strategy is in place yet, let me help you create one.

Where does your brand want to make most impact? 

What is important to your team and to management within your business?

What areas are you team most passionate about?

What are your definitions of success?

Where do you see this business in 2, 5, 10, 100 years in the future?

What impact would you like to see achieved in this time?

What legacy would you like to leave?