Collaboration at all levels will be key to tackling future sustainability challenges, and implementing a sustainable future for all. Collaboration is when real sustainability transformation occurs. 

Building partnership models which are long lasting, scalable and transformative, and which can create shared value will be key. These partnerships can unleash innovative ways of working, mobilising expertise and hard to reach resources, and create shared accountability in an increasingly complex world. By sharing information, resources, activities, and capabilities we can achieve things together that we could never achieve alone. 

I can help you to integrate collaboration into your business through: 

  • Instigating industry collaborations and partnerships toward a shared vision and sense of purpose.

  • Cultivating stakeholder relationships and engagement around sustainability.

  • Instigating connections between the brand and potential suppliers, industry, artisan groups, consultants, who may assist in the brand’s vision. 

  • I can help bridge the gap between designers, the manufacturing and communications, to ensure that all areas of the business understand the sustainability strategy, and how they all relate to one another. 

  • Communication of your message and values to the world.

  • Bringing the sustainability impact into the digital marketing and branding sector, through effectively and uniquely communicating your sustainability message. Sustainability can be sexy, cool, colourful and fun!

  • Assisting with the creation of the visual identity of the brand.