Week five’s challenge - 'Design a New Luxury', as taught by Adam Peacock for MA Fashion Futures, tells the narrative around a speculative luxury trend and material company Exo-Toxic, and their material specialty - harvested human skin. The outcome was presented in the form of their seasonal forecasting trend report, alongside the material business profile, and advertisements alluring their material victims. This project guides the audience carefully through a dystopian criticism on the current luxury industry, with further underlying commentary on the agriculture, leather and food industries. Exo-Toxic is a critique of the way we approach ethics and sustainability within the fashion and luxury industry, cutting right to the heart of the issue - Can we market and sell anything as long as we do it 'ethically'?

Exo-Toxic challenges the designer to ask the crucial question – What constitutes luxury? 


“Having visions is in a sense a luxury.”  

 - Ziauddin Sardar, Rescuing all our Futures: The Future of Futures Studies 1999. 



"When one species [or one culture] attains a position of dominance over all the others in the ecology of its planet, if it is both egocentrically greedy, and has a powerful set of technologies through which to amplify the expression of that greed, then unless that dominant species can find a way to limit or to transform itself and its greed-based systems into something more wholesome, it will foul its planetary nest as surely as the night follows the day ... perhaps even to its own extinction.”  

- Based on the writings of eco-anthropologist, Gregory Bateson and visionary science fiction writer, Olaf Stapledon.