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Between 2013 - 2016 I ran my own sustainable and ethical womenswear brand - Zoltko.

Careful and extensive research went into material sourcing, to ensure that all textiles used were either low-impact or recycled. I spent nine months investigating and sourcing global ecological, non-toxic, vegan, and innovative fibres. This research has given me a deep understanding into the production of various fibres and their implications on the environment and the people that make them, allowing me to make more conscious design decisions. 

I worked with modal, hemp, organic cotton and post-consumer rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), and these come with an international certification accreditation. 

For some of the styles, I utilised Julian Robert’s Subtraction Cutting Technique, that creates minimal fabric wastage.

The clothes were manufactured by a non-for-profit women’s production facility* in Lucknow India. The aim of the workshop is to provide fair work, wages and opportunities for women from the local slums and villages, that may otherwise not have access to them.

I was fortunate enough to have spent some quality time with these women in 2015, where I saw first-hand the positive effects of fair fashion. Through this work, women are able to become empowered financially, and mentally, send their children to private schools, and invest for their future. It is my hope that everything we create in the world has a positive impact on all those involved in the supply chain.

*This production facility is always looking for new designers to manufacture for. If you’d like to know more about partnering with this ethical production facility, please get in touch or check out their website here.