Glint in the Eye is a response to week four’s 'Design a New Internet’ challenge, as part of the Speculative Prototyping unit, as taught by Adam Peacock for MA Fashion futures. 

The scenario entails a series of streams that have developed, blurring the lines of online and offline reality; The Physical Present is a wasteland of connectivity, detached from reality, no longer present or living in the moment, the Internet stream is filled with a flux of over consumption, noise, cyber pollution, likes, dislikes, cyber suicides and cyber cancers, and the Grand Intelligence stream has formed as a radical revolution against the existing model of the internet, which has developed into a dark underbelly of connectivity controlled by the ‘Bandwidth Bandits’. As one tries to validate and realise their identity through these online streams, it is exposed that the ultimate grounding truth lays within one self.


The final outcome of the project is a set of speculative artifacts that act as navigational devices amidst all the cyber chaos. Each artifact encompasses the individual users identity, and is to be taken and stroked, where each curve, indent and texture acts as a map to steer within this post truth world. Here speculative and future visions have been used to inform and critique our relationship with the internet.


                                      “Our most common error is to take ‘the map of the present’ as valid for a distant future.”    -  Futuribles, Bertrand de Jouvenel, 1965.