A Manifesto for Creating in 2019

May we cultivate a profound listening to our inner selves, to one another, and to the stories Nature tells us. 

May we come into creation and our work with a beginners mindset, with curiosity and openness for continual evolving and expansion.

If in doubt ask: ‘How would Mother Nature do it?’

Here, intuition is a highly valued decision maker, where we create our own dances in business and in life. Think alternative rhythms, paces, scales. These vary for everyone.

Cultivating an inner relationship to self, transmits into our outer world. Our visions, creations, systems, channel these.

The intentions that we transmit into the world, through our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions, are what manifest within our creations, our businesses, our cultures and societies.

Do these contribute to a world that I want to see, or not?

In our work we continually ask: ‘How is this serving others?’

How can our creations elevate the lives of others, and re-seed, re-fuel and re-generate the Land?

How can this work promote a culture of care and quality?

Here, collaboration, sharing and community is key.

And as in Indigenous culture - ‘What will be the impact of this creation 1000yrs into the future?’