‘The Measured Energy Initiative’ was a quick two day project, that got us making, thinking and filming, as part of the London College of Communication’s Speculative and Critical Design Summer School in June 2017. The video presents a public service announcement in a speculative future scenario, where energy resources are now scarce and government controlled, and enjoying a cup of tea now entails the grueling task of  harvesting your own tea crops. 



The Speculative and Critical Design Summer School 2017 took its starting point on The Club of Rome’s 1972 report The Limits to Growth as a way to critique contemporary issues in design, culture and society. Specifically, looking at how proposing and enacting futures builds cultures of expectation that can conflict with reality. In a world of post-truth, fake news and failing economic models and institutions, what role does design have as part of the feedback mechanism for models of the future? 

Under the guidance of Tobias Revell, and with some amazing presenters and facilitators, such as Georgina Voss, Ramon Amaro, David Benque,  Ben Stopher and Jo Popper, we explored the limits of prediction, modelling, forecasting and systems thinking in shaping the designed world in addition to exploring how narratives of progress are produced and shape material culture.