In order for fashion brands to adapt to and thrive amongst volatility, uncertainty and change, what the 2018 BoF and McKinnsey ‘State of Fashion’ report confirms as the number one top challenge for fashion business, companies will need to build capacity and cultivate tools and techniques to navigate and thrive amongst these. Building resilience within our businesses and within ourselves is imperative if we are to move toward a more sustainable world.

“Companies need to create strategies that account for disruptive change and use strategic foresight and futures thinking to embrace uncertainty and build resilience.”
Alison Taylor, Director, Sustainability Management, BSR. 2018. 

I define resilience as adaptation, transformation and the ability to thrive amongst volatility, change, and turbulence’. Resilience is about building the capacity of individuals, communities, and systems, so that they can thrive and find opportunity within complexity, unpredictability and future uncertainty.

I am interested in bringing this opportunity mindset into my work - how can the state of the environment and sustainability be an opportunity for innovation, creativity, impact and collaboration?


I can help you to integrate resilience into your business through: 

  • Identifying future business risks. 

  • Identifying and implementing opportunities for positive impact. 

  • Re-modeling your business for a Circular Economy (learn all about the necessity for a Circular Economy here). 

  • Identifying climate change related risks and mitigate for these. 

  • Building a resilient work culture

  • Exploring new business models, paces, rhythms, contexts, that are suitable and unique to your business. 

  • Imagining possible alternative futures and its challenges, and develop and design for these.


‘Nine Principles for a Resilient World’

By Brian Walker and David Salt, 2006.

‘7 Properties for Creative Resilience’

By Ania Zoltkowski, 2017.