I am deeply passionate about sustainability, especially within the design and creative fields. I have dedicated the past four years of my life to learning about this as much as possible, as well as implementing it onto real-world practice. It's my dream for us to create more mindfully, and I'd love to help you do this. 

I have seven years experience working within the fashion industry, within design, manufacturing and fair-trade. My expertise lies within sustainability, where I have vast knowledge in ethical supply chains and sustainable strategies for design, production, and communications. 

Some of my previous projects have involved setting up transparent supply chains with ethical off-shore manufacturing, sourcing low-impact materials, certifications, non-toxic finishes, creation of tech packs, illustrations and grading. 

I have further extensive skills within research and development, and can assist you and your team with implementing various sustainable strategies into all parts of your business: branding, communications, and visual identity.  


Other areas of expertise include:

+ Design thinking.

+ Speculative & critical design

+ Systems thinking and practice.

+ Quantitative & qualitative research and analysis. 

+ Data & information visualisations. 

+ Copywriting. 

+ Graphic design and layouts. 


My current and previous clients include: Ponch, Bamboo Body Peace, Liberated Heart, Stitch & Hide. For more details about my experiences, please check out my LinkedIn page

Please do get in touch if you'd like to collaborate, or need some assistance on your creative projects. I work on a project by project basis, and would love to hear more about what it is that you're creating, and how I can help.