Sustainable Design Strategy

As a designer and maker myself, this phase excites me the most, and this is also where the

most sustainable impact can be made.

I can help your design team understand and implement useful tools within the design stage,

and create more sustainable products.

I can assist you in training and implementation of the following:

  • Circular design: designing for a circular economy.

  • Life cycle thinking: designing with the end of life of the product in mind. 

  • Design thinking: solving problems through design.

  • Ecological thinking: environmental considerations within design. 

  • Design for disassembly, modularity, biodegradability, recyclability. 

  • Zero and minimal waste pattern-cutting techniques. 

  • Systems thinking: learning to see, think and design through a holistic approach. 

  • Helping designers see sustainability as an opportunity for innovation. 

  • Helping designers tap into their ultimate creativity. 

  • Artistic and creative direction.