Sustainability & Resilience Consulting for Fashion & Textile Business



We now understand that the fashion and textile industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental pollution, toxicity and human exploitation. Every stage in a garment’s life threatens our planet and its resources.

For brands to be successful and thrive in these volatile times, they must re-envision themselves as part of the solution, and instigate preventive measures and regenerative practices, that honour the Earth, and all of its inhabitants.

This industry can be a massive vehicle for positive impact within the world, and brands CAN develop products that are beautiful, commercial and sustainable. 

My Vision

My mission is to bring sustainability, resilience, creativity, and reflection into fashion and textile design, and to empower designers, businesses and creatives, to make responsible choices within the entire design process.

My vision is to see the fashion industry led by purpose, values and heart-centred business, that helps to replenish, re-seed and refuel the Land, and empower all of its stakeholders. 



How can I help?

I offer sustainability & resilience consulting, where I work closely with you and your stakeholders, to integrate sustainable practices within all aspects of your business. 

As a designer myself, with over ten years fashion industry experience in Australia, Paris, London and Amsterdam, I understand the motivations and skills of fashion designers and brands, as well as the barriers to achieving more sustainable outcomes.

Whether you are an established brand or are within the start-up phase, I can assist you to implement various strategies, tools and processes, that will create positive impact and resilient longevity for your brand. 

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What are you looking to Up-Level in your Business?

Explore my consulting offerings, and how I can help your business go to the next level to create a sustainable, impactful and future-proofed organisation.


Business DNA - Purpose & Values

Sustainable Design Strategy

Supply Chain Management



I believe that sustainability in fashion (and all other industries) can only be achieved through cultivating resilience, collaboration, and reflective practice.

These 3 intrinsic elements are interwoven into all of my offerings:

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Workshops & Training

I can also run lectures and workshops for both business and educational institutes,

on the following themes:  

  • Sustainability as a Design Tool: Sustainable Design Strategies.

  • Introduction to Circular Economy.

  • Design Thinking & Problem Solving.

  • Introduction to sustainable material sourcing, ethical production &

    supply chain transparency. 

  • Future Proofing: Creating Resilient Fashion Design Futures. 

  • Futuring, Critical & Speculative Design.

You can read more about these offerings here.


Additionally, I can tailor services depending on your needs. Please contact me for a complimentary

30min consultation to discuss how my expertise may assist you.